Meet the puppies


Meet Nola, an adorable and well-balanced Australian Cobberdog puppy that has captured the hearts of everyone she meets. With her soft, wavy coat and expressive brown eyes, Nola exudes charm and playfulness, making her an irresistible companion.

Meet Nola

Meet the puppies

Koos (Lizzy)

Meet Koos, an energetic and spontaneous Australian Cobberdog puppy who never fails to bring joy to those around her. With her lively and bouncy nature, Koos is always full of excitement and enthusiasm, captivating anyone who crosses her path.

Meet Koos

Meet the puppies

Sarenza (Zody)

Presenting Zody, a captivating and spirited Australian Cobberdog who instantly steals the spotlight with his presence. Adorned with a luxuriously plush, curly coat and mesmerizing eyes, Zody exudes a magnetic personality that draws people in and makes her an unforgettable four-legged friend to all who encounter her.

Meet Zody

Meet the puppies

Pippa (Indy)

Introducing Indy, a charming and lively Australian Cobberdog whose zest for life is truly contagious. With a sumptuous, wavy coat and endearing eyes that sparkle with mischief, Indy's allure lies in her effervescent nature, making her a truly cherished companion for those fortunate enough to share in her adventures.

Meet Indy
Australian Cobberdog Dex

Meet the puppies

Dex (Bear)

Welcome Dex, a charismatic and determined Australian Cobberdog who commands the attention of everyone with his strong personality. His rich, textured coat and soulful blue eyes spread warmth and affection, while his strong character marks him as a natural-born leader.

Meet Dex

Meet the puppies


Introducing Buddy, an endearing and animated Australian Cobberdog who is sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets. Sporting a lush, swirled coat and bright, inquisitive eyes, Buddy embodies the perfect balance of affection and curiosity. As a loyal and spirited friend, this delightful boy brings happiness and companionship to all who share in his adventures.

Meet Buddy