My story

Hi there! I'm Marly, and I'm here to tell you all about myself! I'm a stunning dog, as I may say that myself, and I belong to the wonderful breed called Australian Cobberdog. One thing you should know about me is that I'm incredibly gentle and loving. Whether it's humans or my fellow furry friends, I enjoy spending quality time with everyone. 🐾

Marly the Cobberdog Down Under Cobberdog Fokker

Now, let me introduce you to Frenky, my handsome partner in crime. He's a medium-sized Cobberdog known for his friendly nature and boundless energy. We make a great team! Together, we have welcomed a bunch of joy into this world in the form of six absolutely adorable puppies.

Franky Cobberdog

It's a joy to watch our little pups grow and socialize. They bring a great amount of happiness and love into our lives. We take great pleasure in raising them and teaching them the world, so they eventually can enjoy their new family and forever homes.

Cobberdog Pups